VCT Tile Removal

A new version of a vinyl flooring product is vinyl composite tile or VCT. Like other vinyl products, the longer the vinyl composite tiles are on the floor, the harder is to remove the adhesive. Therefore, the VCT that has been installed for only a few months or a couple of years can be removed easily, otherwise, if it is installed for long, a lot of time and effort is required to remove it.

Whether it is newly installed or old, VCT tile removal is a multi-step process.



VCT Removal

You may be wondering how to remove VCT tile?

As already mentioned, VCT removal is a multi-step process – the following steps are involved in the floor removal.

  • Cut Tiles into Sections:

Typically, VCT is sold in 12-inch or even a little larger tiles. If the installation of the floor is old, the easier way of VCT removal is to cut the tiles into quarters or small sections. This makes the process much easier.

The VCT tile can be cut by using a utility knife with a very sharp blade. The knife is pulled along the tile, and it is pressed down firmly so it can cut the adhesive. This technique of cutting down the tiles help in identifying the stubborn or stuck spots on the floor.

In many cases, a tile that is not coming up is due to only a small section or corner of the tile.

  • Pry Up the Cover:

VCT has more than one layers. Below the top layer that you see is an underlay which is adhered to the floor.

While removing the VCT, the top layer of the floor comes out first, and the backing or the underlay get exposed. This makes the process of removal easier.

  • Scrape Up the Bottom Layer:

The bottom layer of the VCT can be removed using a wall or floor scraper. If the section of the floor you want to remove is small, you can easily use a wall scraper, otherwise, use a floor scraper to save your knees and back.

  • Removal of Dried Adhesive:

Any adhesive which was not removed from the floor with the help of a scraper, use heat to soften it. This can be easily done either by using a heat gun or holding a clothes iron near the adhesive. Don’t try to touch the adhesive with a heat gun or iron, it would surely soften the adhesive, but the adhesive will stick to the appliance.

Another method is to use to VCT adhesive remover. It is a solvent that is applied over the adhesive. This will soften or dissolve the adhesive.

Once the adhesive is softening, you can use a scraper to remove it.

Is it Safe to Remove VCT by Yourself?

You can remove VCT by yourself, but it is always recommended to use a professional service for a neater job.

VCT Tile removal can damage the property if the job is not done properly. However, professional floor removing services work with

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extreme care to provide you the best service.

While hiring someone to remove your floor, you need to look for the right experience as well. Professional floor removers learn to remove VCT from the concrete floor by practicing on different types of floors.

It is an art to remove VCT in a manner that bare concrete floor is exposed without any damage to it, and professionals know this art.

Finding the right professional service for removing the VCT also depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the floor after the removal of VCT.

You may also need to use the service of floor machine removal rental for this purpose, which could be a bit tricky. Therefore, using a professional service for removing VCT is always a good idea.

Questions of a VCT Removal Service:

When you hire a professional floor removing service, the contractor asks you a few questions. These questions are meant to better understand the condition of your floor and your requirements. The questions a floor removing contractor may ask you include:

  • What do you want to accomplish with the floor?

The answer to this question will determine how the floor removing the contractorhas to complete the job. For instance, do you want to remove VCT to polish the concrete? Do you want to put down a floor coating? Or you want to install a new type of floor topping such as LVT?

Your answer to this question will let the contractor know how he has to deal with the concrete beneath the VCT.

  • How many layers of VCT does your floor have?This question will help your contractor to give you an estimation for the job.

Sometimes your floor may have 2 to 3 layers of tiles laid on the top of each other. The more layers, the more work,and efforts to put to remove the flooring. It will help you know what you need to pay for the job, and you won’t get any surprise as the job ends.

VCT Tile Removal Cost:

The cost of VCT tile removal depends on the labor cost and the cost of materials that need to be purchased. Usually, this cost depends on the city you live in and the State.

Labor cost is different in different parts of the country. Before hiring a professional VCT Tile removal service, get quotes from a couple of goof floor removing services.

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