Hardwood Floor Removal

Are you planning to remove your old wood flooring? Or do you need to remove old floor removing that requires replacing? If you want any of these things; you need to consider several factors to get the hardwood floor removal done in the right manner.

The first thing you need to do is to check on which method your floor was installed. Whether it was installed using glue, nails, or a floating method. It is important to check it so you can determine the method of which type of flooring removal services you require.

You also need to check the type of your old wood flooring that you to need to replace, check whether it is engineered or solid wood. How can you distinguish them both? If your flooring type is sold wood, it will be made up of planks of a single piece of timber, on the other hand, engineered wood flooring consists of several layers with a solid wood layer on the top.



Practically, from a safety point of view, you need to consider if there are heating or electricity cables beneath the wooden floor. Most probably, you would know these details, if you are the owner of the house, especially, if you are the first owner of the house. If you are on rent or just bought the house, it is better to talk the owner or previous owner of the house in the latter case. If the wood is glued-down, you have to perform proper hardwood floor removal. ( glue )

Other than this, while hardwood floor removal, you may need to follow other protective aspects. In a broader sense of protection and safety, special safety gear needs to be used while performing this job such as protective gloves and glasses. Suitable tools are also required for floor removal. These tools may include a hammer, chisel, and crowbar. You may also have to use the floor machine removal rental services. The most important part is to use all these tools and machines carefully in a safer way.

The wooden floors that are installed either by nails or floating method are considered easy to be installed. However, if your wooden floor is glued down, the process of wood flooring glue removal it is time-consuming and requires more efforts.


When upgrading or repairing a home, usually, homeowners get confused whether they should do the jobs themselves or hire someone for the task. If you are considering wood flooring removal in your home and haven’t decided yet whether to use a professional service or do it by yourself, consider the following points:

  • Flooring Project Involvement –The first thing you need to consider is what exactly do you want to accomplish with your floor? Do you want to remove wood flooring from the entire house or only from a particular area? Or do you want to remove wood flooring only from the staircase? Do you have a time frame in which you want the project to be completed? And would you be able to complete the job in that time frame as a professional floor removal service can?
  • Cost of the Project –The most important thing in determining whether you are going to remove the floor yourself or hiring a company, is the cost involved in it. In case, if you decide to do the job yourself, you may need to get proper tools. You may also need to get a machine from the wood floor removal machine rental or hardwood floor removal rental Carefully calculate the cost of all the required things. Also considering the time involved in the job, decide whether you should hire a professional company for the task or do it yourself.
  • Skill and Ability –If you are thinking to do the project yourself, also consider your skill level. How much do you know about home improvement in general? Have you removed wood flooring ever before? Do you know how to use tools? Removing wooden floors seem easy at a glance, but it requires patience and skills.
  • Professional Wood Flooring Removal Companies –Although the cost of labor associated with hiring a professional wood flooring removal company is the main factor many homemakers hesitate to do so, the high-quality work done by a professional company is worthwhile in most cases.

Before hiring a professional floor removal company, get the proper dimensions of the room or area you want to remove floor in order to receive an accurate quote. The most important part is that the company you want to work with understands the scope of the whole project.

Cost Involved in Removing Hardwood Flooring:

The actual cost involved in the removal of food flooring depends on your area and the State. As the major cost involved in wood floor removing is labor cost, it varies on the State you are living in and its rules.

To get an idea of the cost, try getting quotes from the local wood flooring companies and then choose the one that fits best your requirements and the budget.

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When you hire us, we ensure:

  • General cleaning to remove dust
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  • Remove waste safely
  • No damage to the sub-floor
  • Remove 100% glue

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